Client-Centered Training with Chantill Lopez & James Crader

In this episode I meet with Chantill Lopez and James Crader of the Thinking Pilates Podcast to discuss the client-centered approach to training.

What happens when we question our own expectations and standards as professionals?

What’s possible when we deeply involve the person with the process?

We explore all this and more in this episode.

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Show Notes:

  • Chantill talks about how and why she started her podcast, and how she met James through it [1:10]

  • James’ input on how they started to work together [7:51]

  • What was going on in the world of movement education that made their podcast feel like such a necessary? [8:48]

  • Chantill explains what Joseph Pilates was like and how she facilitates pilates now [15:40]

  • James dives into how the pilates method evolved away from its original intention since the 60s and how it's now going back to it because of trends [24:00]

  • On how evolution naturally happens with every practice [28:18]

  • James talks about his workshop, Shift Happens and how the goal is to revisit the baseline by distilling things to the lowest common denominator [33:08]

  • How both Chantill and James take what they learn and integrate it back into what you’re doing as a teacher/facilitator? [37:33]

  • Where do people explore from here to learn about Chantill and James individually and together? [56:00]


Select Nuggets:

  • “Pilates is a philosophical point of view.” - Chantill

  • “One of my priorities is to make myself obsolete because I don’t want people to rely on me forever to have a healthy movement and body, I want to write myself out of the equation as soon as possible.” - Chantill

  • “We gotta stop talking about the right and wrong way to do a movement, and just understand that it’s a body in movement, and there are other things going on.” - James

  • “I want to teach a teacher to show up as a whole person, not just as a pilates teacher; and I want to teach to the whole person in front of me.” - Chantill