Hey there,

Welcome to the party!

This is going to be quite a fun experience.

First I want to say thank you for registering. As you of course know it's a thrill to connect with folks through shared ideas, interests, and passions. And I'm really honored to teach what I've been personally implementing in a big way.

Second I want to share a bit about how this will work...

On the first of each month you'll get a series of curated lessons in movement and awareness with prompts for reflection (and you’ll see 5 bonus lessons down below). On the third Wednesday of each month at 5pm Pacific we'll have our training session & Q/A session.

I know time zones will be tricky for some people, others will have obligations, so I'll be recording and archiving each session. Being there live will be great, but you'll be able to send in questions ahead of time if you can't make it.

For now please make sure you've filled out the intro questionnaire here.

And then click here to join our Embodied Entrepreneur community group.

To kick things off for you I want to introduce you to a number of lessons that embody what I think of as the core principles of Embodied Entrepreneurship:

  • Vision

  • Communication

  • Leverage

  • Balance

  • Adaptability

If you can live & breathe those principles, there's not a whole lot that can stop you. Doesn't mean it'll always be easy, but it does simplify things.

The way these lessons work is a bit different than you might be familiar with. Each focuses on awareness. Think of them more like explorations than exercises. What we're really looking for here is a better understanding of you. The lessons are great, but they're not the point. The point is you.

You'll notice that they change things for you…that change may be physical, it may be psychological, or it may be something else altogether. But they create the conditions for change.

As you go through them I recommend you find some quiet time for yourself where you won't be disturbed. I'm going to include some prompts for you to reflect on with each lesson as well. To get the most out of it I recommend going through the lesson and then setting aside 5-10 minutes to write/reflect on the prompts.

Make sense so far?

Now in terms of frequency that's up to you. Practice each of them at least once. They won't "work" otherwise. But you'll find that subsequent sessions give you something new each time you revisit them. You'll notice something else about yourself: a new muscle activation, a new feeling, or thought.

You could even make it a new habit for yourself to go through every lesson every week - talk about extra credit!

We'll discuss more about this type of learning on our Q/A sessions, but without further ado here are your lessons to begin with.

Vision. Every successful business starts with a compelling vision of how the world could be. The clearer your vision is and the more effectively you can focus on it, the better your chances of success.

> Click here for your lesson on vision.

Afterwards ask yourself: what's the farthest you can see and the greatest that you really can envision for yourself? Are you able to hold that aim in sight while focusing on the day to day tasks that lead you there? Which feels more familiar: the lofty aim? Or the everyday steps?

Communication. This is how you share that vision with the world. Marketing, sales, client feedback - all of these revolve around the ability to share and to listen. Without proper communication a business becomes an echo chamber, and shortly thereafter you’re forced to close it down for good.

> Click here for your lesson on communication.

Afterwards ask yourself: how is it for me to be heard? Does it come easily, or does it feel charged in some way? What would I say if I knew I were speaking the truth?

Leverage is what makes a business really grow. Can you make the most of your limited time and energy? Using your resources & skill set wisely is what’s going to separate you from the competition - and position you for growth with a greater sense of ease.

> Click here for your lesson on leverage.

Afterwards ask yourself: where is my contact with support? What's the ground on which I stand? Where could I yield into that support even more fully? And what could I let go of in order to do so? Are there resources at my disposal that I haven't made fully use of quite yet?

Balance is crucial if you want to make it sustainable. We’ve all heard stories of those fools who crashed and burned because they wore themselves too thin. They were so narrowly focused that they lost sight of the big picture. If you want to stick around for the long haul, you must keep your feet on the ground and be able to regain your balance when life inevitably throws you off.

> Click here for your lesson on balance.

Afterwards ask yourself: where do I feel the most centered? What's going on in my life when I'm most balanced? What aspects of my life feel unbalanced, and how might I be able to regain my balance? Is it a matter of shifting back to my "home base?" Or adding more support underneath me for these next steps? What could that look like?

Adaptability is only going to get more important as the pace of the world picks up. If you can’t keep pace with a changing marketplace, you may as well get a job while you can. Those businesses that can make rapid shifts and pounce on opportunities are resilient. They’re the ones that will make huge leaps - and keep their gains.

> Click here for your lesson on adaptability.

Afterwards ask yourself: am I so certain of my limits? What would I be like without those limitations? If I woke up tomorrow with a clean slate and an opportunity to start fresh, what would I feel called to pursue? What feel like the greatest constraints in my life right now? And how might it look to grow through those rather than butt up against them?

That's all for now. Put these into practice, takes notes, and send in questions.

As with most things in life: you'll get out what you put in.

Talk soon,