Ecosomatics with Chandler Stevens

Look familiar?

It’s the case for so many entrepreneurs around the world, whether they’re just starting out or running 7 and 8 figure businesses. If you’re reading this, I imagine it’s the case for you too.

And it’s damn frustrating, right?

You can see so much potential. You have such vivid dreams about what you could do in the world.

But you consistently find yourself falling short somehow.

And if we’re being really honest…

It’s starting to take a toll.

You’re wasting hours each day thanks to lack of focus, mixed up prioritization, and low energy (not to mention to stop-and-go pattern that inevitably comes from your self-doubt). You’re feeling more tension than you have in a long time. You aren’t thinking as clearly as you’d like. And the people closest to you are starting to take notice.

You’re smart enough to realize that if you don’t figure out “your stuff,” the business is going to continue stagnating.

Eventually it may fizzle out altogether.

So what do most people in your situation do?

  • Read more books

  • Watch more webinars

  • Open up a dozen more tabs with articles they’ll get to when they have time

  • Meditate

  • Give up meditating after 3 days

  • Journal

  • Give that up too

  • Beat themselves up for their inability to stick with anything

  • Get wrapped up exploring their limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, the shadow, and all the rest

  • Switch over to researching productivity blogs and “brain hacks”

  • Find YouTube inspirational videos that give a quick shot of motivation…and crawl out of the rabbit hole two hours later

  • Go to bed wondering yet again where another day went

How long can you keep this up?

And no matter how long you can keep it up, how long are you willing to?

There’s no shame in admitting that you want more or that you want to make faster progress.

That’s probably one of the main reasons you started your own business anyway.

You didn’t come here to follow the beaten path.

And quite frankly that’s the coolest thing about being an entrepreneur…

There’s no limit to what you can earn or the kind of change you can make in the world.

So why aren’t more people more successful?

It’s simple, really…

I’ll explain what the root of the problem is, but first you’ve gotta understand a few basic principles of entrepreneurship.

1) It starts with vision.

Every successful business starts with a compelling vision of how the world could be. The clearer your vision is and the more effectively you can focus on it, the better your chances of success.

Most people spin their wheels with a lack of clarity, or they get distracted and lose focus on the important tasks of the day. A strong vision (and the focus to hold it day in and day out) is key for any successful entrepreneur.

But vision alone isn’t enough.

2) You need clear communication in order to share that vision with the world.

Marketing, sales, client feedback - all of these revolve around the ability to share and to listen. But too many entrepreneurs get caught in their own heads. They talk in complicated jargon or they selfishly rave about how great their product is - without communicating in a way that customers care about.

Without proper communication a business becomes an echo chamber, and shortly thereafter you’re forced to close it down for good.

If you have a clear vision and the skill to communicate it…

3) Leverage is what makes a business really grow.

Leverage in action: the free time to climb mountains any day of the week and the strength to pick up fallen trees along the way.

Leverage in action: the free time to climb mountains any day of the week and the strength to pick up fallen trees along the way.

Can you make the most of your limited time and energy? Or do you grind your way through tasks that someone else could do better?

Are you making the most of your strengths? Do you even know what they really are?

Without the ability to leverage your time, energy, and strengths effectively, it’s no wonder your business isn’t where you want it to be. The old cliché “work smarter, not harder” is everywhere for a reason.

Using your resources & skill set wisely is what’s going to separate you from the competition - and position you for more growth with a greater sense of ease.

And once you do manage to get business booming…

4) Balance is crucial if you want to make it sustainable.

We’ve all heard stories of those fools who crashed and burned because they wore themselves too thin. And entrepreneurial culture glorifies “the hustle,” guilt-tripping anybody who doesn’t obsessively live on social media or work 100-hour weeks.

It doesn’t have to be that way. And we know deep down that it shouldn’t be.

You need to take care of #1 - that’s you. Without intelligent self-care you’re only ever functioning at a fraction of your potential.

If you want to stick around for the long haul, you have to keep your feet on the ground and be able to regain your balance when life inevitably throws you off. That’s where our final principle comes into play.

5) Adaptability lets you seize opportunities right under your nose - before the competition does.

If you can’t keep pace with a changing marketplace, you may as well get a job while you can.

Those businesses that can make rapid shifts and jump on new opportunities are resilient. They’re the ones that will make huge leaps - and keep their gains. Your business is inevitably going to change as time goes on, and if you can’t change with it, you’re sunk.

Do you remember earlier when I asked why more people aren’t more successful?

It’s not for lack of trying.

And it’s not because of a lack of information.

After all, none of these principles are particularly new. They’re simple. You’ve heard them — or variations of them — before. The root of the problem is this…

It’s one thing to talk about these principles. It’s another to embody them.

Talk is cheap.

It doesn’t matter how well you know these things intellectually if you don’t live and breathe them in everyday life.

If you want to create an exponential shift in your business, you need to show up as the type of person who can lead that business.

If you’re confused, think of it this way…

The version of you who’s running your business now isn’t the same person who is going to run the business you want to run.

Otherwise you’d have it already, right?

So how do you go about showing up in a more powerful way?

What’s the point of starting your own business if you can’t enjoy yourself while doing it?

What’s the point of starting your own business if you can’t enjoy yourself while doing it?

That’s where embodiment practice comes into play.

See, in a world full of empty squawking and gimmicks we’re naturally pulled towards those people who walk the talk.

We aspire to be like those people who carry themselves well, think clearly, and communicate effectively. We yearn for that deep-rooted sense of confidence and composure in the face of stress. The people who embody that are the ones who end up doing work they love, making great money doing it, and maintaining the peace of mind to really enjoy it.

I think you could be one of those business leaders too.


But it’s not going to happen on accident.

How do I know?

I’ve lived it firsthand.

After running myself into the ground working as a researcher for the Environmental Protection Agency, I jumped ship to open up a small movement studio. Since then, I’ve gained a reputation as one of the world’s leading embodiment teachers, working with entrepreneurs and change-makers in 27 different countries.

Some of them are founders of 7 & 8 figure businesses. Others are international non-profit leaders. And many are simply doing what they can to make big changes in their local communities.

Regardless of the scale, they’re driven to make the world better. And they know that in order to do so, they need to step up their game and show up at their best.

But they’re inevitably struggling to perform at the level they know they could:

  • Despite a track record of success they doubt themselves and lose confidence.

  • As much as they love being active, they’re suffering with ongoing aches and pain.

  • Self-care takes a back-burner, and their stress levels skyrocket while their energy levels plummet.

It’s a perfect recipe for an “under-performing high performer.”

If you’re ready to break free and find more growth with greater ease, then you might be a good fit for the Embodied Entrepreneur project.

Here’s how it works…

Each month I send out 4 guided lessons that give you more self-awareness and greater ease of movement.

They’re there to help you:

  • Figure out what the heck is going on with your body.

  • Improve your focus, creativity, and concentration.

  • Keep your stress levels in check.

  • Think differently about your own limitations.

They’re surprisingly effective.

When you go through these exercises, you’ll feel NO strain, so you actually finish each “workout” fresher, stronger, and more focused than when you started.

In fact it’s that “too simple” feeling that makes the movements so effective.

They work directly with your nervous system, which means that just like you update your smartphone, you can update your body & brain. In a matter of minutes you can find amazing improvement in how you feel and how you move.

Pretty soon your “New Normal” will be far above your “Old Best” without all of the hard work you’re used to.

But there’s an important catch…

Most people go looking for complicated solutions to simple problems. It’s easy to get caught up with “shiny object syndrome.” In order to make use of these exercises you’ve got to be able to stick with something that seems too easy at first glance.

A majority of people will take one look at these exercises and scoff.

Oh well, their loss (and your gain).

Here are just a few of the ways these movements can change your life:

  1. Jumpstart your flexibility, which means you’ll move better than you did 20 years ago - even tripling your range of motion!

  2. Create near-perfect posture (on autopilot), making you stand up taller and carry yourself with power.

  3. Boost your mental agility and focus so that you can achieve peak performance at work.

  4. Eliminate chronic pain and tension - sometimes in a single session!

  5. Sleep with ease. Even if your mind races at night, you’ll find that these exercises relax you more than any meditation routine.

  6. Speak more clearly and with more confidence. No more being talked over or feeling invisible. These lessons help you breathe easily and make yourself heard.

  7. Reshape your self-image to create a more peaceful, more fulfilling life for yourself. Put self-doubt in the past once and for all.

But I’ll take it an extra step further for you…

In addition to those guided lessons you’ll be able to join in a special training and deep-dive group coaching session with me each month. It’s a chance to have your brain melted with the latest research and proven practices to turn theory into action.

You’ll leave each of these sessions with both the know-how and the tools to clear your biggest obstacles to success.

Typically this kind of direct guidance wouldn’t be available unless you were a member of one of my high-end coaching programs or a private client. It’s the only way to get my support outside of investing several thousands to work with me in those programs.

*This month our special training will focus on cognitive flexibility and creative thinking. It’s a masterclass in how to switch up your familiar habits for breakthrough solutions to your most stubborn challenges.*

When you have the know-how and the tools, there’s only one other thing you’ll need for success…

The research is almost impossible to deny: accountability is the unsexy superpower that launches you into effective change. And you know as well as I do that it gets incredibly lonely sometimes as an entrepreneur.

No wonder the burnout rate is so high.

But when you join The Embodied Entrepreneur, you’ll have access to a curated community group - far, far away from the distraction machine of Facebook. Here you’ll find intelligent discussions on your biggest challenges, support from peers a couple of steps ahead of you, and an opportunity to share your own wisdom with others.

Now, I should tell you: this program is set up differently than most. 

It’s a monthly membership.

And no, no refunds.

(To be blunt: anybody looking for a backdoor already isn’t the type of person we want in this group) .

You can leave any time though - just email me.

But once you leave you will not be allowed to rejoin later (yes, the FOMO will be terrible). 

Why is it set up that way?


If you find it valuable, why would you leave?

And if you don’t, why would you want back in?

But there’s a reason over 92% of our members stay in month after month.

It goes without saying, but this is not for the “magic pill” crowd who are afraid of a bit of hard work. If your business is tanking and you expect to turn it around without some serious effort, you’re kidding yourself.

And it’s not for folks simply looking for more piles of information to feed their info addiction. Those people can continue reading blog after blog while you, I, and the other Embodied Entrepreneurs make a change, make money, and help people.

This program is only for people who implement and take action, the ones who are really committed to figuring out how to find more flow in their movement, business, and life.

Get started right away for just $97/month - and get access to 5 bonus lessons to move and think better today.


Some skepticism is natural. Here’s what other entrepreneurs are saying about this unique approach…

You think you know yourself - you think you know your body and what you are capable of.

Working with Chandler, I found myself looking deeper in — and out — than ever before. He doesn’t let you slip through easily. He has this depth of distilling information and softening the noise so you can hone in on what you want...and what you then discover you need, which you never thought could be possible. He supports you with unwavering calmness and motivation.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to discover their true potential.
— Shaun Brooking

I’m intelligent and curious and a complete nerd - so the last thing I want to do is pay someone to tell me a whole lot of things I can find myself for free.

There are so many people doing work in the world who promise more than they can deliver. It’s heartening to find someone who can deliver everything he promises.

In my first conversation with Chandler I was able to easily and naturally identify issues I had struggled to articulate for years. After working with him, I’d say that’s his hallmark: ease and naturalness. His understanding is deep, his questions are insightful, and his recommendations are exact.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the work we did changed my life and that I am living more fully because of it.
— Heather Elliott

I’m so grateful to have found you and your work. Thank you for facilitating an amazing course!

I was exhausted and lost in the deep end of information overload. I was constantly searching for the next best method, tip, trick, technique, certification, or modality for working with my own personal goals as well as facilitating clients.

I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in so many workshops, seminars, classes, ebooks, webinars, etc. I thought to myself ‘I cannot believe I’m going to try another course.’ But I also had a hunch that this would be different. Sure enough Chandler delivered above and beyond.

Everything feels so much better now! I have more clarity and confidence moving forward, and everything I am applying is potent with the results I’ve been looking for.

Chandler walks the talk and embodies everything he shares, and is humble to admit when he is unsure. I am extremely impressed with his level of inquiry, intuition, wisdom, clarity, skill, and insight that he deploys.

If you are unsure of the next step to take, do not hesitate to work with Chandler!
— Tim Norton

I reached out to Chandler as he understands what it means to teach movement, work with people every day and be self-employed. He supported me to become the best version of myself and bring out my hidden talents.

His questions are brilliant as he knows exactly where your blocked energies are. He understands how to help me find my own individual style and way.

I can rely on him that he wants the best for me.
— Christine Huesler

It goes without saying, but the best way to create success is to stop reading about other people’s and claim your own.


 Frequently Asked Questions

+ I feel like I need to sort so many things out personally before I focus on business - will this still help me?


That's the foundation we work with here. Nothing in your business is going to be sorted until you are.

The beauty of embodiment lessons is that they get "under the hood" and help you not only boost your brain function but also develop greater tolerance to stress and improved creative thinking.

If things feel up in the air, that's exactly why you'd benefit from this approach. Try out the first lessons yourself to see.

+ I tend to bite off more than I can chew - am I going to be even more overwhelmed with this?


The lessons themselves are simple and delievered directly to your inbox in clearly marked emails. There's no way to miss them. You can literally hit play on a lesson, follow along with it, and feel better right away.

And with continued practice (you get 4 follow-along lessons each month), you'll find that the benefits "click in" more quickly and last longer each time.

As an added benefit many of our in-depth monthly trainings deal specifically with overwhelm so that you learn exactly how to keep it in check. Knowledge is power, and when you have knowledge AND specific practices to work with, you free yourself from the trap of performance plateaus.

+ What the heck is this even about anyway?

Good question ; )

This program is built on the idea that if you're running your own business, you're probably the biggest bottleneck in it.

Rather than focus on the minutia of this-or-that tactic, we get right to the root of what's holding your business performance back: your personal performance. We work with specifically curated body/mind practices to make sure that you're more focused, more energized, and more aligned as you pursue your business goals.

In our in-depth trainings you'll also learn how a bit of body/mind understanding can help you create breakthrough changes in your marketing, sales, and business operations.

+ I don't consider myself an entrepreneur - am I allowed to join?


While you don't need a thriving business up and running in order to join, you'll get a lot more out of the experience if you have an interest in doing your own thing in the world.

Perhaps you call it owning a business, making art, or organizing non-profits...if you have a body, deal with people, and want to find more freedom in how you make a living (and a contribution), then this'll be right up your alley.

+ What's included in my sign-up?

In addition to 5 bonus lessons as a "jump start" you'll get 4 specifically curated, follow-along lessons in movement & awareness on the first of each month. They're going to help you think & move better every single month.

You'll also get access to a members-only Q/A and training session with me each month where we take a deep dive into special topics: avoiding decision fatigue, mastering the interpersonal neurobiology of sales, improving your creative thinking, and more.

Additionally you'll have access to the private Embodied Entrepreneur community for ongoing support and thoughtful discussions on your biggest challenges.

Members get other perks as well, but only they know about them ; )

+ What's the refund/cancellation policy like?

There are no refunds.

You can cancel your membership any time you'd like, but please know that once you cancel it, you won't be allowed to rejoin at any point.


To keep a tight container for committed members, first of all.

Plus if it works for you, why would you leave? And if it doesn't why would you want to rejoin?

There's a reason over 92% of our members stay in month after month.