Ecosomatics with Chandler Stevens

The Ecology of Change

Bring All Of Yourself To The Change You Want To Make

Transformational Embodiment • Deep Personal Growth • Free-Flowing Movement

The Ecology of Change seminar is here to help you do three things:


Create a deep sense of connection to your body, your self, and the people & places around you.


Identify and resolve the blocks that keep you from a thriving life and your full creative potential.


Leverage your inherent strengths to perform at your best and most effectively make change in the world.


Feel At Home In Your Body

(And At Ease With Yourself)

When you’re present and capable in your body, you unlock new options for engaging in the human experience. It's like the world opens up in front of you. You live with more spontaneity, ease, and possibility.

Because of pain, tension, and internal disconnect, most people never access that.

At the Ecology of Change workshop you'll move past those blocks. We create profound change using a unique, body-oriented process.

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We use a blend of awareness and movement practices to make big changes at a deep level. These create a dramatic shift in the way you engage with the world. We're not focused on tricks or hacks. You'll have the context you need to to tap into a feeling of integration and wholeness like never before.

You'll join a community of like-minded, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and leaders who know that self-understanding is the key to making their impact.

The event itself focuses on a few foundational ideas:

  1. You need to aim clearly if you’re going to hit the target. A powerful vision gives you a compass for your day to day actions.
  2. Flow systems (including you) become more efficient over time - once you remove constraints.
  3. You will not achieve an outcome without habits that support your vision.
  4. Your self-image guides your actions, on a neurological and emotional level.
  5. The people, places, and spaces around you influence your behavior - for better or worse.

Working with a framework like this gives you a way to:

  • Redefine your self-image,
  • Create a more nourishing environment for yourself,
  • Overcome the constraints of resistance and self-sabotage, and
  • Tap into an effortless sense of flow and impact.


Themes You’ll Explore:

Out of your head and into the world - Unlock your ability to move with ease, strength, and awareness.

From obstacles to opportunities - Change your perception to boost creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

• Cultivate resilience - Identifying and leverage your strengths to handle stress with ease.

• From reactive to responsive - Take yourself out of autopilot so you can live in full contact with the world.

Learning how to learn - Harness your body’s innate learning ability (the very same that helped you first learn to walk and talk).

• From will to skill - Cultivate ease and impact without strain. Learn how to bring grace and composure to your toughest challenges..

I feel better, learn better, move better, think better, and relate better.

Chandler teaches how to wield the potent weapons of honesty and creativity to shape your destiny. It sounds like hyperbole, but listen to what is being offered and you won’t think of it that way anymore. And along the way, one couldn’t ask for a friendlier, more caring, or more down to earth guide.
— Mark Steinberg


Who’s Invited?

The Ecology of Change workshop is for a certain type of person.

It’s a great fit for you if you’re:

• A thinker AND a doer.

• An ambitious leader or entrepreneur with insatiable curiosity.

• A mind/body professional looking to show up more effectively in your work.

• Spinning your wheels on a major problem personally or professionally.

• Looking to press reset on physical and psychological tension.

• Passionate about becoming your best self (in order to contribute to the world around you).

• Ready to go from incremental progress to exponential and to turn 1 + 1 into 3.

You think you know yourself - you think you know your body and what you are capable of.

Working with Chandler, I found myself looking deeper in — and out — than ever before. He doesn’t let you slip through easily. He has this depth of distilling information and softening the noise so you can hone in on what you want...and what you then discover you need, which you never thought could be possible. He supports you with unwavering calmness and motivation.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to discover their true potential.
— Shaun Brooking

Event Format

Events run from Friday morning to Sunday late afternoon. Plan to arrive Thursday so you can settle in and feel well-rested for the event. Leave Monday to process without rushing yourself.

Each event is uniquely shaped by the participants, but below is a rough idea of how the events are organized:

Friday Morning:

Introductions and setting the stage. Mapping out The Ecology of Change framework. Grounding, orienting, and clarifying aim through embodiment practices.

Friday Afternoon


Sculpting self-image. Cultivating awareness and presence. Play-based learning and games for creativity and integration. Reflection and shared understanding.

Saturday Morning

Body awareness and dynamic problem solving. Understanding constraints, flow, and degrees of freedom.

Saturday Afternoon

Deeper exploration of self-image and habit. Identifying day-to-day opportunities for greater leverage, more efficacy and ease.


Sunday Morning

Charting a course for next steps. Working with momentum and resistance. Exploring boundaries. Understanding “the emergent self” and learning to embody it.

Sunday Afternoon

Handling uncertainty with calm and composure. Facing the unknown. Turning theory into practice. Closing and reflections.

Upcoming Events

September 27-29, 2019: Seattle, WA

October 18-20, 2019: New York, NY

What’s My Investment? And What’s Included?

Your registration includes three full days of guided movement, inquiry, and reflection.

Coffee, water, and tea will be provided throughout the day for each event, as will lunch each day.

Your registration also gets you access to a library of resources to continue your practice afterwards (audio, video, written) as well as access to the Ecology of Change alumni network to help you connect with like-minded, growth-oriented peers around the world.

Register today for $1,500.

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I’m intelligent and curious and a complete nerd - so the last thing I want to do is pay someone to tell me a whole lot of things I can find myself for free.

There are so many people doing work in the world who promise more than they can deliver. It’s heartening to find someone who can deliver everything he promises.

In my first conversation with Chandler I was able to easily and naturally identify issues I had struggled to articulate for years. After working with him, I’d say that’s his hallmark: ease and naturalness. His understanding is deep, his questions are insightful, and his recommendations are exact.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the work we did changed my life and that I am living more fully because of it.
— Heather Elliott


Chandler Stevens

Chandler Stevens is a somatic coach and movement specialist who helps entrepreneurs feel at home in their body so they can bring all of themselves to the change they want to make.

He’s the leader of Ecosomatics and has been called “one of the world’s leading embodiment teachers” and a “guru of movement” by industry leaders like The Embodiment Conference, Breaking Muscle, Functional Movement Systems, The American Posture Institute, and more.

Through a unique blend of evolutionary theory, systems thinking, and embodiment practice he helps people reshape their self-image to create breakthroughs in their movement, mental and emotional wellbeing, relationships, and businesses.

His work draws from a broad range of disciplines, most notably: somatic education (particularly the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais), Gestalt & existential psychotherapy, deep ecology, natural movement, and Fighting Monkey practice.

He’s particularly fond of coffee, tacos, and the writing of Haruki Murakami.

What Others Are Saying:

A relevant cliche for the event: it made! The discussion was an entertaining dive into: broad philosophy and psychology, biology of the environments of a human being, problems and possibilities of the modern world, how invariably good chocolate is and laughing at what managed to be both simple and profound.

I am more inclined to take those first small steps to get a more fulfilled life in whatever form that takes.

Thanks for putting it together.
— MJ LaSueur
I was struggling with chronic pain which had snowballed into an identity crisis and sapped my energy and self-confidence. There was something holding me back from realizing my full potential. I needed help letting go of my fear and believing in myself again.

I am feeling amazing - so much more flexible and capable.

You helped me use movement and awareness to figure out what things - in my body, my mind and my life - I needed to focus on.
— Lauren Klatsky
I’m so grateful to have found you and your work. Thank you for facilitating an amazing course!

I was exhausted and lost in the deep end of information overload. I was constantly searching for the next best method, tip, trick, technique, certification, or modality for working with my own personal goals as well as facilitating clients. I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in so many workshops, seminars, classes, ebooks, webinars, etc. I thought to myself ‘I cannot believe I’m going to try another course.’ But I also had a hunch that this would be different. Sure enough Chandler delivered above and beyond.

Everything feels so much better now! I have more clarity and confidence moving forward, and everything I am applying is potent with the results I’ve been looking for.

Chandler walks the talk and embodies everything he shares, and is humble to admit when he is unsure. I am extremely impressed with his level of inquiry, intuition, wisdom, clarity, skill, and insight that he deploys.

If you are unsure of the next step to take, do not hesitate to work with Chandler!
— Tim Norton
I reached out to Chandler as he understands what it means to teach movement, work with people every day and be self-employed. He supported me to become the best version of myself and bring out my hidden talents.

With his sensitivity he brought structure to all my thoughts, visions and dreams and showed me where I should start. His questions are brilliant as he knows exactly where your blocked energies are. He understands how to help me find my own individual style and way.

He makes me feel unique, and I can rely on him that he wants the best for me.
— Christine Hüesler

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why work with the body?

No matter who you are, everything you ever do in your life is done through the body. Every email you type, every presentation you give, every mountain you climb...your body is the ticket.

Embodiment practice helps shed light on your use of yourself. It’s a practice that revolves around bringing awareness to the way you’re showing up in the world through the most obvious lens: your body.

Your posture, quality of movement, and habits all give clues about what’s going on beneath the surface, and understanding them gives you the ability to change at a level of depth most approaches don’t go near.

In a world focused on head games and wishful thinking, embodiment practices help us get to the root of our patterns and change them for the better, faster than you thought possible. That’s why it’s time to get out of your head and into your body.

+ How is this different from a yoga retreat?

Way less spandex and sunset selfies on the beach ; )

In all seriousness yoga can be a phenomenal practice, but when you head to a yoga retreat, you can be fairly confident that you know ahead of time what you'll be doing: some sun salutations, a few warriors 1-3, perhaps a discussion of chakras, gratitude, and meditation. That's great for some people. This is a very different beast. At Ecology of Change there is no list of postures you'll be working through and no set of rules handed down by folks from 2,000 years ago.

We aim to create as little predictability as possible. We know that introducing novelty and "controlled chaos" fosters creativity and creates potent neurological and physiological changes in the human system.

At Ecology of Change our movement lessons have a specific intention of teaching us something about how we engage with the world - no mat required. You'll explore a much finer level of awareness than most yoga trainings facilitate as well as a more vigorous, dynamic practice than asana provides.

The key difference is a philosophical one. Yoga -- as it's frequently taught -- is primarily concerned with "being," whereas our focus at Ecology of Change is on "becoming."

+ What sets this apart from other self-development seminars?

Many self-development retreats devolve into head games, “rah rah” feel-good-ery, empty navel-gazing, or tactics and hacks.

Ecology of Change is a framework for growth oriented toward a deep, sustainable change not simply in what you do but who you are - and how you engage with the world around you. We take the brakes off of effortless action, reconnect body and mind, and aim for the biggest problems we can solve with everything we’ve got.

We’re concerned with impact and longevity.

We know that there is important work to do in the world, and the ones who are able to approach life with the most composure, creativity and compassion are the ones who will go farthest.

+ What will I need in order to participate?

You'll want to bring clothes that you can move comfortably in (layers are good as we'll have a blend of higher and lower intensity movement) as well as a notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas throughout. A water bottle or thermos are both useful too if you're so inclined.

+ What's included in my registration?

Your registration includes three full days of guided movement, inquiry, and reflection. Coffee, water, and tea will be provided throughout the day for each event, as will lunch each day.

Your registration also gets you access to a library of resources to continue your practice afterwards (audio, video, written) as well as access to the Ecology of Change alumni network to help you connect with like-minded, growth-oriented peers around the world.

+ What's the refund/cancellation policy like?

Life happens, so you're covered here.

If for whatever reason you cannot come, you'll receive a refund of 80% of your ticket price back to you. Better yet, the remaining 20% will roll over and can be applied to any Ecology of Change event of your choosing.

Please note, however, that any cancellations made within fourteen (14) days of the registered weekend cannot be refunded.

+ Other questions?

Please email directly chandler (at) or click here to set up a quick call in the next couple of days.