Here Are The Little-Known Body/Mind Connections That Help You…

Get Back In Flow And Amplify Your Impact

It’s not everybody, but the truth is: most people fall far short of what they’re capable of.

They don’t choose to of course.

And it’s not from laziness or lack of effort.

If anything, it’s too much effort.

What do I mean?

When most people try to make a change, they end up “driving with the brake on.” Despite their best intentions they spin their wheels:

  • Hesitation and second-guessing keep them stuck in place

  • They can’t find the energy and focus they need

  • Resistance saps their resolve, and they burn out or slip back into their old habits

It’s almost like something is “damming the flow” of the river. Rather than remove that obstacle (or open the floodgates), most people continue to push against it the same way they always have - before they eventually give up altogether.

The real problem is that most people can’t see the obstacles they’re up against.


Because they ARE the obstacle.

They unconsciously hold themselves back. Sometimes it shows up as muscular tension. Other times it plays out like autopilot behavioral patterns. Either way they aren’t able to show up the way they want in life.

When you get down to it...most of the challenges in people’s lives, relationships and businesses come from the rift between mind & body (AKA intention and action).

That means that the best way to get back in flow and amplify your impact is through integration.

That’s why I’ve started running regular workshops to share this process that changed my life. I spent years — and over $75,000 — piecing together the puzzle. The workshops I host don’t cost anywhere near that much, but they’re still a significant investment.

It’s natural to wonder how well this stuff really works, so here’s what it’s done for me:

  • In under 5 years I became known as one of the world’s leading embodiment teachers

  • I’ve multiplied my business revenue 4x

  • One of my biggest role models, Seth Godin, complimented me on my mustache ; )

  • I healed the chronic pain & tension of my nagging jiu jitsu injuries

  • I released the old baggage of emotional wounds that kept me living in a “fortress of solitude”

If you’d like to experience the same kinds of shifts in your own life (for a fraction of the time and money that I spent), sign up below.

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