Before he died, this Israeli physicist made a series of funny little exercises that

Double…Triple…Even 10x Personal Performance - With A Fraction Of The Effort

I know it sounds hard to believe, so let me share a bit of this physicist’s story to put it in perspective. It sounds more like a spy novel than anything you’d expect from a scientist.

• • •

The man’s name was Moshe Feldenkrais (pronounced Fell - Den - Krice).

He was born in 1904 in what’s now Ukraine - but back then it was still under the control of the Russian Empire. When he was just 13 years old, Feldenkrais walked by himself for a year until he reached Palestine. And after he got there he did hard manual labor for years while working towards his diploma.

Soon enough Feldenkrais also began studying self-defense…for his own survival!

It was common in those days for Jews of the area to be attacked with knives by local Arabs. Rather than learn complicated forms of traditional martial arts, Feldenkrais developed a new method of self-defense based on the instinctive reflexes of a person at knife-point.

After teaching his new method to the locals he left to pursue a Doctorate in Physics from the Sorbonne in Paris. While learning physics he was also working in the Nobel-prize winning Curie lab.

(No big deal, right?)

Even as he flexed his mental muscle he never left behind his roots in physical activity. One day Feldenkrais happened to meet Jigaro Kano, the founder of modern Judo. Kano was dazzled by the self-taught techniques Feldenkrais developed. They grew to be close friends, and soon afterwards Feldenkrais became one of the first Europeans to achieve a black belt in Judo.

Things were really picking up for him.

He was recruited to work on Bristish nuclear submarines where he developed anti-submarine technology for the war. He patented several new devices for sonar, but he suffered a number of crippling knee injuries that put him out of commission.

He didn’t like the odds presented to him by the leading surgeons of the day, so he refused surgery.

What he did instead was incredible…

Within a matter of months he taught himself to walk again. Shortly thereafter he returned to Judo practice, leading Europe’s largest Judo club.


Through those same funny little exercises I mentioned before.

The movements Feldenkrais used to restore his physical ability are strange. They seem “too easy” by conventional standards - in fact it’s not uncommon to see people in their 90’s use them for dramatic improvement.

But just so you don’t think it’s only for little old ladies or those with major injuries…

These Lessons Help ANYBODY With A Brain!

These same lessons have been used by elite athletes like Magic Johnson…

…global leaders (the Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion recruited Feldenkrais as his personal trainer and therapist)

…and folks just like you and me:

  • They’re for the busy business leader who needs peak performance…and doesn’t have time to waste on gimmicks.

  • They’re for the athletes who want to keep their bodies injury-free while developing greater strength, flexibility, and agility.

  • They’re for people who spend hours and hours at the computer each day for work and need something to unwind and get rid of stress and tension at the end of the day.

  • They’re for the folks who make their living serving others — teachers, therapists, and those in sales — who need to stay sharp, even-keeled, and boost their non-verbal communication.

They’re Surprisingly Effective

When you go through these exercises, you feel NO strain, so…

You finish each “workout” fresher, stronger, and more focused than when you started.

In fact it’s that “too easy” feeling that makes the movements so effective. They work directly with your nervous system, which means that just like you update your smartphone, you can update your body & brain. In a matter of minutes you can find amazing improvement in how you feel and how you move.

Pretty soon your “New Normal” will be far above your “Old Best” without all of the hard work you’re used to.

But there’s an important catch…

Most people go looking for complex solutions to simple problems. It’s easy to get caught up with complication and “shiny object syndrome.” In order to make use of these exercises you’ve got to be able to stick with something that seems too easy at first glance. A majority of people will take one look at these exercises and scoff…their loss (and your gain).

They Worked For Me, And They Will Work For You

When I was first introduced to these funny little exercises, I was in one of the worst spots of my life.

I was wracked with pain and tension from an old wrestling injury in college. I had to spend hours each day stretching and doing corrective exercises just to keep from feeling like I was 80 years old. It got bad enough that I began self-medicating to numb the pain.

I felt terrible, and it started to eat at my confidence.

To add insult to injury I had just quit my job to start a new business, and despite giving it my best I had nothing to show for my efforts. My savings had run out, and I was bumming money from my parents just to keep the roof over my head. I felt like a loser, and it showed.

To say I needed a radical change is an understatement...

I needed a miracle!

What I experienced with these exercises blew me away.

In the very first lesson I noticed that my pain was gone - for the first time in years. Within a couple of weeks my posture had completely changed, and my mood changed right along with it. I felt strong and loose, like I was in even better shape than I was in college - without any of the strain of my usual workouts.

Out of nowhere I had energy and focus that I’d never felt before. My communication and confidence skyrocketed, and because of that, I was able to step up my game in business, growing it to five times its yearly revenue (without any increase in working hours). Along the way I began teaching internationally, sharing my work with people in 26 different countries.

I had never experienced such a change, and I know that these exercises were the key piece of the puzzle.

9 Ways These Funny Little Exercises Will Change Your Life

Here are just a few of the ways these movements can change your life:

  1. Jumpstart your flexibility, which means you can move better than you did 20 years ago - even tripling your range of motion!

  2. Create near-perfect posture (on autopilot), making you stand up taller and carry yourself with power.

  3. Improve your athletic performance in ANY sport - and do so without feeling worn down from extra training.

  4. Boost your mental agility and focus so that you can achieve peak performance at work.

  5. Eliminate chronic pain and tension - sometimes in a single session!

  6. Sleep with ease. Even if your mind races at night, you’ll find that these exercises relax you more than any meditation routine.

  7. Speak more clearly and with more confidence. No more being talked over or feeling invisible. These lessons help you breathe easily and make yourself heard.

  8. Reshape your self-image to create a more peaceful, more fulfilling life for yourself. Put self-doubt in the past once and for all (just brace yourself for a flood of new compliments from total strangers).

  9. Become the most attractive version of yourself. Get rid of the stress that makes you furrow your brow, clench your jaw, and slump your shoulders.

Here’s How To Learn These Exercises

I’ve put together an exclusive guided series that leads you through 8 of these exercises. Each “follow-along” audio is just about 20 minutes long, you can download and listen to them anywhere in the world, and you’ll need absolutely NO equipment to get started.

All that you need in order to experience a total transformation is:

  • a small amount of open space in your own home,

  • the ability to safely get down on the ground,

  • 20 minutes,

  • a decision to get started NOW

Order today, and I’ll include 2 incredibly useful bonuses:

  1. My Reclaim The Floor ebook, which teaches you a “flexibility shortcut” for autopilot improvement

  2. Unlock Your Superpowers, a never-before released training on how to “upload” traits like confidence, creativity, and problem-solving.

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I’ve never experienced such a transformation in all my life...

I have noticed many positive, and significant, improvements in my body overall. 

The improvement I’ve made in three months has been quite profound. My body is definitely communicating and working better overall as a unit, and the independent limbs/joints and other body parts are definitely working better independently on their own, too. I have significantly less aches and pains now, and have a lot more range of motion in all my joints. 

I’ve never experienced such a transformation in all my life... 

As a former competitive athlete and college tennis player, and being a very active man that is quickly approaching 50 years of age, I can’t thank you enough!
My body now feels like it did when I was a younger man, but in many ways, it feels and works even better than it did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. I really wish I had access to this knowledge and program when I was playing tennis - I’m very confident I would have performed better overall on a regular basis, and also had a lot less injuries. 

But, you know what’s really neat about all this movement stuff? It’s truly a great time - it is a lot of fun, and the exploration is really cool! From somebody who doesn’t like to be in a gym setting anymore, this has been a breath of fresh air, and
the results have far exceeded my expectations, far beyond any other workout or exercise program I’ve ever encountered.” - Pierre, Ohio

• • •


I struggled with a lot before this. I had been in pain for so long that I had become incredibly depressed. I believed that I may never be whole again to do all of the things I love.

All of these areas of my body and mind are getting increasingly better every day! I am able to doing things with my knee and body that I didn’t believe deep down I would be able to do again. 
My confidence is growing every day! I’M NOT BROKEN!” - James, Arizona

• • •

I’ve never felt this good so quickly in my whole life.

I’ve never had more fun, gotten better results, or felt this good so quickly in my whole life. My mobility has sky rocketed, I recover faster, and I am running and bouncing around like a kid again.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking to gain confidence & strength in their own bodies. Man or woman, young or old, this will get you where you want to be.” - Zach, Ohio

• • •

I have so much more confidence in myself as a yoga teacher.

After years of stretching, releasing and opening, I still had such limited mobility in certain areas of my body. I figured I’d overstretched from all the yoga, and I felt a little betrayed by my practice.

I have so much more confidence in myself as a yoga teacher and personal trainer now. In just one month’s time, I’ve learned so much...
It feels like I’ve discovered the missing pieces in my trainings as a yoga teacher and personal trainer.” - Erika, DC

• • •

Shape your destiny.

This course offered me tools with which to interrupt myself when I feel victimized by circumstances or emotions. 

It reminded me that I can decide how to look at a situation and how to interpret it, and that in making these decisions I can start to feel better, learn better, move better, think better, and relate better. 

It teaches how to wield the potent weapons of honesty and creativity to shape your destiny. It sounds like hyperbole, but listen to what is being offered and you won’t think of it that way anymore.” - Mark, New York

• • •

The work changed my life, and I’m living more fully because of it.

I’m intelligent and curious and a complete nerd - so the last thing I want to do is pay someone to tell me a whole lot of things I can find myself for free. 

There are so many people doing work in the world who promise more than they can deliver.
It’s heartening to find someone who can deliver everything he promises

It is not an exaggeration to say that the work changed my life and that I am living more fully because of it.

You will learn more in an hour than you have in an entire year.” - Heather, North Carolina

• • •

Truly holistic self-development...without the fluff.

I was exhausted and lost in the deep end of information overload. I was constantly searching for the next best method, tip, trick, technique, certification, or modality...

This was a refreshing oasis within all the other options. He broke everything down and now it all seems so much simpler. Everything feels so much better now! 

I have more clarity and confidence moving forward, and everything I am applying is potent with the results I’ve been looking for.” - Tim, Colorado

• • •

The hero, not the victim.

I was struggling with chronic pain that had spiraled into an identity crisis. There was something holding me back from realizing my full potential. You helped me use movement and awareness to figure out what things— in my body, my mind and my life—I needed to focus on. 

By reframing myself as the hero, not the victim, I now had to play the part. 

I am feeling amazing - so much more flexible and capable.” - Lauren, New Jersey


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