One of the great body/mind educators, Moshe Feldenkrais said it best:

When you know what you’re doing, you can do as you like.

That’s what The Body/Money Guide is all about.

When you know what your body is doing in response to financial obstacles and opportunities, you’re able to make a change. You can take yourself out of the autopilot reactions that create so many problems and start making intentional choices with your money, bringing your body & brain together to tackle your biggest challenges.

You’ll find that you feel better — less stress & tension, more ease & confidence — and are able to really reshape the way you make and spend money. And you can do it more simply than you may think. This guide emerged from conversations with members of The Body/Money Course, a program I facilitate where participants create deep changes in their sense of worth, their habits around spending and saving, and their self-image.

I’d like to share the guide with you free of charge because I think that this can create a profound shift in our society when we get more people in tune with their bodies through the lens of money.

Of course there’s a weird psychological phenomenon that takes place where we don’t value free things as much as things we pay for. I know that’s a risk right off the bat, so what I’d ask is that you share this — freely — with anyone you think would benefit from it. Spreading the word is a form of commitment too.

Without further ado, click here to read the guide.