How To Understand The Evolutionary Mismatch:

Nice choice!  This is how I got started on my path to better movement too.  The evolutionary framework made a lot of sense to me, and with a few simple adjustments to my life, I made tremendous progress.  I'll walk you through those steps in this video.


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Together we'll identify what your specific limiting factors are, clarify your vision of what you want to be capable of, and develop a specific plan of action to help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Here's What Others Say About The Experience...

"I just wanted you to know that working with you gave helped me find the confidence I had lost and the desire to take control of my physical life back." - Melissa
"The improvement I've made has been quite profound...I have significantly less aches and pains now, and have a lot more range of motion in all my joints. I've never experienced such a transformation in all my life in such a short period of time." - Pierre
"What works?  Pretty much all of it...I don't know how anyone who has had major joint surgery recovers normal function with just routine physical therapy.  You are worth your weight in gold." - Laura
"I can't help but share my excitement and enthusiasm that being a part of your program has offered me.  It's like the blinders have come off, and now I see the blueprint." - Carlee

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