Ever struggle with doing the things that you KNOW are good for you?

And ever wonder why it’s so damn difficult to just do them?

If so, you can thank your Little Self for that. I’ll explain what I mean in just a moment, but first let’s put it in perspective...

...there’s this interesting law of physics that explains everything from the way rivers flow, to the shape of trees, to how we share information. As different as those things may seem, there’s one underlying rule: ease and efficiency win in the long run. 

If the river is blocked, it’s going to find another course. If the tree needs more sunlight, its branches will actually grow toward the sun. And if someone tries to keep some bit of information secret, well - you know how easily rumors spread.

Again: ease and efficiency win in the long run.

So what’s keeping you from a sense of ease and efficiency in getting what you want?

As I mentioned before, you can thank your Little Self for that.

Your Little Self is like the dam built to stop a river. Your Little Self thrives when things are stagnant. It festers and slowly kills your potential for flow.


It feels safer with the way things are. It’s been fed by voices over the course of your whole life saying:

  • Who the f*** do you think you are anyway?

  • People like us don’t do things like that.

  • Stay in your lane.

  • Keep your head down.

  • What if you mess it up (again)?

So it lays all sorts of traps for you. 

Procrastination. Resistance. Self-doubt. Overthinking. Indecision. Lack of prioritizing. Not seeing things through

Sound familiar?

Each of those strategies puts your Little Self in charge. And the worst trick of all is when your Little Self makes you think that YOU are little too. It squashes the image you have of yourself until you doubt your own ability to do anything. You start to feel inept and incapable.

Your Little Self builds a wall between you and everything that you really want.

But someone whispers through a crack in the wall...

...your Big Self.

See,  your Little Self lives in the land of limits - what you can’t do & what you don’t have (time, money, or energy for most folks). But your Big Self lives in the land of possibilities. It lives in the land of “what if...” and “I’d love to...”

Your Big Self is the reason you’re still reading this right now. It’s the voice of what you could do and who you could be.

But for years it’s been fighting a losing battle. It’s about to give up, and it needs some serious backup. We’ll get to that in a second, but first you’ve got to ask yourself:

What would your life be like if you stopped getting in your own way? 

Can you imagine a life without procrastination and indecision? Can you imagine yourself without overthinking and self-doubt? 

What would you spend your time doing if you could live in a sense of flow, ease and efficiency?

Personally that means I can write this to you from a little cabin in South Dakota. My girlfriend and I are spending a few days here on the drive out to our beautiful new home in Seattle.

One of the things I realized as we were driving out is that I’ve got just about everything I set my sights on when I first started my business. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere, while making a significant contribution to my clients’ lives, and earning a good living doing it. 

(I originally set my target at a consistent 10k/month before my Big Self gave me permission to aim much higher

Most importantly I wanted to work from that place of flow and ease. I’d been through the burnout loop of “hustle & grind” enough times to realize I needed something drastically different.

I found that as I dove into some of the off-the-beaten-path body/mind practices, I cultivated a much greater sense of composure. I was able to keep my cool under pressure and stress, whereas before I crumbled. Big money decisions didn’t have the same crippling effect. And I was able to have a much greater impact through my work because I no longer felt like I had to hide or play someone else’s game. 

It was only possible because I put more energy into my Big Self than my Little Self. When you do that, you start getting what you want.

And that’s exactly what I’d like to invite you to do now.

On Sunday, June 9th I’m hosting an online workshop called Getting What You Want at 9am Pacific (yep, it’ll be recorded).

I’ll share the best embodiment practices to help you find clear focus, move past self-doubt, and stoke your creativity. Along the way a few folks will be able to experience some “hot seat” coaching with me directly while others learn from the “fly on the wall” perspective.

Over the course of 3 hours we’ll cover everything you need to:

  • Move through resistance and procrastination

  • Set your own internal compass for clarity, and 

  • Make rapid and lasting moves toward your Big Self.

Here’s some of what you’ll get when you attend (or watch the recording):

  • The “smelling salts” approach to eliminate over-analysis paralysis

  • How to make the shift from “thinking about it” to “doing something about it” - even if you’re struggling with inconsistency and resistance

  • The under-the-radar cues your body gives you to say you’re one step away from overwhelm (ignore these, and you can guarantee exhaustion)

  • How to shift out of chronic fight/flight/freeze states and take back your sense of grounded presence

  • What you can do to remap your self-image and reconnect to a greater sense of worth

When you have those skills, you’re able to tap into your Big Self. That’s when you’re really able to start getting what you want.

Are you ready?

The Getting What You Want workshop is June 9th at 9am Pacific. It will be hosted by Zoom, a free & secure video conference platform. And the best part? I’ll have the recording available for you that same day to use as a reference anytime you need a boost down the road.

Your Big Self is waiting.  

Click the button below to sign up today for just $197 and get the skills you need to get out of your own way. Or wait another day, another week, another month - and let your Little Self keep winning. 

Talk soon,


PS it’s a safe rule of thumb that the default path lives in the land of limits with your Little Self. If you want a change, it’s time to start fighting for your Big Self. Click here to give your Big Self what it needs to thrive.