If you’re here reading this, you probably don’t fit into a neat box.

You’re a curious entrepreneur doing your own thing in the world. That curiosity has driven you your entire life, and it’s helped you reinvent yourself — in your work and relationships — time and time again.

You’re inspired by the natural world, and you know in your gut that you need more of it in your life. You’re fueled by a deep faith in human potential and a call to make things better in the world around you.

When faced with the choice between what’s comfortably familiar and what’s really meaningful, you inevitably choose the latter.

You take the risks that others can’t or won’t.

But there’s a flip side. Despite everything you’ve created for yourself so far, something isn’t quite right…

The path you’ve chosen isn’t the popular one, and it keeps you isolated. The same curiosity that drives you often pulls you in too many different directions to make headway in any one of them. You get caught in your head, confused by your body, and trapped by old stories and the armor of habits.

Deep down you struggle to understand, resource, and fully trust your own strengths.

You want a greater sense of flow and connection: to yourself, to the people in your life, and the the world. You know that you’re the only thing standing in your way, but you aren’t looking to be fixed. You don’t need help, but you want support in your process along the way.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Chandler Stevens, and I help entrepreneurs reconnect with the body to bridge the gap between the mind and the world around them.

I turned away from the world of academia and a career in biological research to create a deeper a sense of congruence and meaning in my work. I quickly found myself leading an international coaching practice that spanned 6 continents.

The work I do emerges from a few key assumptions:

  • Human experience is grounded in the body, and movement is how you engage with the world around you.

  • True, sustainable growth comes from deepening your connection to yourself as well as the people and places in your life.

  • The living world has a natural potential for flow, and you’re no different. You simply need to open the floodgates that keep it in check.

  • You have a choice in how you live your life, and that choice ripples out in ways you can’t predict.

My role is a mediator for my clients: between who they are and who they could be.

Along the way they learn how to feel at home in themselves, tap into an unparalleled sense of ease and capability in their bodies, and resource themselves more effectively than ever before so they can bring all of themselves to the change they want to make, whether it’s:

  • A technologist turned nuclear activist and climate change advocate,

  • An experimental test pilot building a holistic health village in the mountains of Switzerland,

  • Or a physicist and Pilates instructor finding her voice and breaking free from chronic pain.

Consider this your invitation for radical self-care and an opportunity to treat yourself like somebody who could have a profound impact on your world.

When you do so, that impact is a natural result.

If you’re ready to reshape your movement or mindset, or to reconnect with a sense of presence and full engagement, then we should talk.

Fill out the form below to get in touch. Tell me your story: who you are and where you want to go.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

(Please note: my fees for coaching range from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on the depth and duration of work we choose. Fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable. If that’s too great a commitment at this point, you might begin with the free resources here. I also offer occasional scholarships based on availability and fit.)

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