Hi, I’m Chandler Stevens.

I help entrepreneurs and leaders free themselves from the shackles of self-doubt, fatigue, and frustration so that they can show up powerfully for the work they’re here to do…

…while moving better than ever before.

Whether it’s scaling a business, spearheading community change, or pivoting to a new career path, when you’re making the greatest leap of your life, you need to make sure you’re all in.

Most high-performers reach that level by pushing, striving, and risking their own wellbeing in service of their work. It often brings them incredible success at an enormous cost...

...loss of strength & flexibility, their mental edge, and peace of mind.

...mounting stress, strained relationships, and depletion of energy.

... even meltdowns and total burnout.

It doesn’t have to be that way

As a mental coach and movement specialist I give my clients the tools and practices to navigate big changes with a sense of confidence, clarity, and focus. They get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can mobilize their untapped resources and show up at 100%, whether it’s:

  • A technologist turned nuclear activist and climate change advocate,

  • An experimental test pilot building a holistic health village in the mountains of Switzerland,

  • Or a physicist and Pilates instructor finding her voice and breaking free from chronic pain.

When you’re ready to make your own big leap, click below to get in touch.