Release Psoas Tension With These Three Patterns

The poor psoas. It’s so misunderstood.

This part of the body is responsible for so much of your day-to-day function that it often gets the blame when things go wrong. It’s no wonder. Functions associated with the psoas include:

  • Upright posture

  • Breathing

  • Walking

You know, insignificant things like that.

And yet people seem to be baffled when it comes to taking care of this particular tissue in the body. Its unique structure gives some clue as to why…

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Slay Any "Stress Dragon" In 5 Steps

If you’re reading this right now, you’re in a unique spot in the history of the world.

You don’t have to worry about predators taking a bite out of you. You’re reasonably safe from the elements, barring the occasional snowstorm or power outage. You have ready access to adequate supplies of water and food to keep yourself alive.

And yet you’re likely more burdened by persistent stress than any of your ancestors in the evolutionary record.

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What Forward-Head Posture Really Means (& How To Fix It)

It’ll probably come as no surprise to you that there’s an epidemic of terrible posture in today’s world.

A quick search of “how to improve posture” comes up with nearly 95 million hits.

Of course it begs the question:

If we have more information on the subject than ever before, why do so many people have poor posture?

A recent study sheds some light on the issue, but before I get to that I have to make it clear…

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How To Tap Into Greater Creativity (By Learning From An Amoeba)

Everybody has asked themselves at some point,

“How can I be more creative?”

It’s especially important for those of us doing our own thing in the world of entrepreneurship. In a complex world those who can most easily adapt set themselves up for the most possibilities for success.

Whether you call it creativity, innovation or resourcefulness what you’re talking about is your ability to keep pace with the ever-changing world around you. There’s no sign of the world slowing down, but -- paradoxically -- you slowing down may be your best bet to get ahead.

I’ll explain.

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