Call For Action

TL; DR: you owe it to yourself to move.

How odd that we've somehow reached a point where movement of any kind--formerly a necessity for procurement of food, shelter, a mate--is now optional.

We've removed its necessity in our daily lives to the point of detriment: skyrocketing rates of overweight and obesity, chronic pain and cancers, among other diseases of failed mechanotransduction. Movement itself is seen as a choice, one that we can compartmentalize in chunks of an hour throughout the week, and one that laughingly urges physician approval before starting.

Movement can't be just a hobby or a burden. It's as necessary to our health--both as individuals and communities--as food, water, and air. It's the external manifestation of millions of years of evolution, our literal birthright, and it's deeply embedded in every cell of the body.

In what other circumstance would we squander such a powerful gift as the body? In one convenient package we have control of the most advanced computer and most adaptable machine ever seen. The beauty is in its potential. It will adapt to most any stress we put on it, self-regulating to respond as efficiently as possible to its environment (even the shape of the couch).

For such a complex piece of equipment the owner's manual is surprisingly simple. Media influences will try to overcomplicate it in pursuit of ratings and dollars, but deep down you likely know what to do. Think of the reverie on a long walk in the woods, or the exhilaration after finishing a sprint. The secret is right there: just move. Try and fail to learn a new skill. Then keep trying. Get sweaty, dirty, and bruised..then come back just a bit better.

Do it because you can. Do it before you can't.

Chandler StevensComment