The Two Traits Every Coach & Practitioner Needs

There are two traits that will take you farther as a professional than any other:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Humility

Curiosity is the hallmark of a healthy organism.  Curiosity is the drive to be more, be bigger, be better.  It is a thirst and a hunger to expand.

Humility is the courageous knowledge that no matter how much we sate our curiosity, there is more to be known.  It is the awareness that as we learn more, we can be certain of less.

These traits together form the basis of co-creation.  Co-creation is the act of partnering with our clients or students to create an entirely unique experience.  It is opening ourselves to the fact that we are not all-knowing.  That the person in front of us is unique in their experiences, goals, and needs.  

When we shift from a mindset of prescription to co-creation, we empower the people we work with to take control of their progress.  That's where the magic happens.

Chandler StevensComment