It Starts With Awareness

Through awareness we bring attention to our limits, the lines on the box.

With awareness we have a choice: change, or remain.  The choice to change broadens the box, giving us a broader field of possibility to play in.  Change is:

  • Unlocking mobility in new ranges of motion
  • Acquiring a new skill
  • Consciously shifting our perspectives

And so on.

But you cannot redraw your map if you haven't drawn it in the first place.

Take a moment to tune in here:

  • Where do you carry your weight?
  • What moves with your breath?
  • What is held or restricted?
  • What's possible in this space?

What are you aware of, right here and now?

What would you change?  The next step of course is: change it.  Nobody can make that choice for you.

Chandler StevensComment