Moving The Social Brain

We're social animals.  

Studies show that without a specific task input to distract it, our baseline internal monologue revolves around our dynamic social relationships.  We default to pondering how we are in relation to others. 

Tribe is as real a need as food, water, and shelter.

And at every turn we've put a barrier between ourselves and those around us: endless texts and emails with no real dialogue, a taboo of touch, an end of rough and tumble play.  It's hard to put words to the problem because we simply don't have the language in place for this raw physicality.  But we know that something is amiss.

Moving with another person has a way of cutting beneath.  After all sensorimotor dialogue is our native tongue, obviating the need for fumbling over spoken words.  

Creating in contact improv, striving in combative play, walking together in silence through the woods.  These are human things.  There's meat here, some real sustenance of connection.  

Grab a friend or a lover.  Create space to move and be moved.  Your humanity depends on it.


Chandler StevensComment