One Helluva Minimalist Sandal

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I was recently asked to test drive a pair of the Uinta sandals for a local company, Unshoes USA.  I love small business.  I love minimalist footwear.  How could I say no?  

Dang, I took those guys through the ringer!  After only a few weeks here are my initial thoughts:

I think the Uinta sandal is a perfect mirror for your foot health, and by extension your overall function.  

Each time I take these sandals for a spin is a treat.  It's a throwback to the traditional huarache-style sandal that gives you a huge amount of freedom without the constant toe-gripping action of flip flops (PSA: stop wearing flip flops...they're horrible for your movement). 

I went with the thinnest sole I could, and I'm glad I did.  I can actually tell what I'm moving on, getting a feel for each rock and branch.  Mini foot massage with every step.  But these guys are durable!  I've put them through the ringer with tree climbing, parkour, and sign of falling apart any time soon.  I was worried that the straps might get uncomfortable, but I've had them on for a full day without any major discomfort in mud, snow, you name it (but I don't plan to make snow-sandaling a regular part of my routine any time soon).

The Uintas been a powerful reminder to me about our foot health.  I'm a barefoot guy myself, but there are days when I don't give my feet their due diligence.  And the Uintas remind me!  The quality of my movement changes, & my awareness shifts.  But on days when I focus on my feet, giving them some TLC, walking & running with the Uintas is a breeze.  

With any minimal shoe we need to make sure that our bodies are up for the task, and the Uintas are a perfect reminder.  They really make it easy to focus on our feet and help us reinforce a strong foundation.

My only problem was entirely my fault: I didn't pay close enough attention to the sizing, but it makes a huge difference!  Try sizing in the morning.  Try again in the evening.  Triple check yourself.  I had to trim a bit of excess sole from my pair because I was hasty with the sizing.  Once I game changer.  

If you're looking for a minimal footwear option, get yourself a pair.  These things are great!

Again, so grateful to Unshoes USA for letting me take these guys for a spin.

Keep moving!

Chandler StevensComment