Interview In Healthy Body, Vibrant Life

A couple of months back I was asked to participate in an expert summit called Healthy Body, Vibrant Life.  In the interview I talk over a wide range of topics: somatic education, neural optimization, mobility, and more.  You can find the full audio here, as well as show notes to help you navigate.

The interview begins at 1:47.  Why is movement so important?

3:46 Movement is both a right AND responsibility.

4:45 What is somatic education & embodied movement? 

8:11 Hips, chairs, and getting down on the floor.

11:05 Movement as a trend, going beyond exercise & training

12:49 The get-up test & overall mortality.  

13:58 Brain & body work together. Nervous system runs the show.

15:30 Body psychology, posture, & emotional movement.

16:41 What's the best way to boost mind-body connection? There are 4 key ingredients.