Move Like A Human with Rafe Kelley

What does it means to move like a human?

In this podcast I talk with Rafe Kelley, the founder of Evolve Move Play, about what movement means for the human animal. We explore evolutionary biology, systems thinking, and play in order to develop a more complete picture of the human experience.

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Show Notes:

  • What exactly is Evolve Move Play? [0:48]

  • Understanding and overcoming fear in lieu to play [3:02]

  • On redirecting your focus and task-oriented movement [21:58]

  • Practice devoid of context in parts of the movement culture [26:30]

  • On self-worth and self-esteem  [33:00]

  • Learning about the unknown and the self through moving, exploring, and repetition [39:09]

  • To be antifragile [45:19]

  • On Humility and confidence [53:00]

  • Where can someone get started in such practice? [57:00]

  • Learn more about Evolve Move Play [1:08:30]


Select Nuggets:


“We evolved to move, we didn’t evolve for a sedentary life.” - Rafe

“It doesn’t have to be fun to be play.” - Rafe’s teacher

“In order to act effectively in the world, you have to be able to tend to the most important things, and make a lot of the rest of the world irrelevant." - Rafe

“Coaching yourself can be a massive inhibitor to your performance, because it’s feeding you information and making you pay attention to things that’s not relevant to what you’re trying to do.” - Rafe

“I think what really gives a person a sense of self-worth is having a broad set of things that they can feel confident in, that they can feel competent at, that they can feel they have value to the community doing it.” - Rafe

“Problems only grow when we fail to see them.” - Rafe

“Ultimately I think movement is about self-cultivation. And self cultivation that ignores the fact that you have the capacity for evil, weakness, blindness to yourself, and lie  is not real self-cultivation.” - Rafe


“There are two ways to articulate yourself, one is through speech, the other one is through our action.” - Rafe

“We are creating more and more fragile human beings by protecting them.” - Rafe

“Just choose the thing you absolutely fall in love with and then build your practice around that.’ - Rafe

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