Expression & Embodiment with Dylan Newcomb

In this episode I talk with Dylan Newcomb, founder of The UZAZU Embodiment Method.  

I was blown away by this one.  Dylan's work weaves together a rich array of practices, including dance, psycho-social relations, expression and vocalization, and so much more.  He guides us through an embodiment practice that was a real eye-opener for me.  

I know you'll get as much out of it as I did.

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Show Notes:

  • Where did the original seeds of Dylan’s work come from? [0:51]
  • Dylan explains how does his seemingly mysterious yet straightforward embodiment works work [5:08]
  • Dylan’s view on personality typologies and how it can clog up our mind and relationship to ourselves and to each other [21:00]
  • Looking at your practice across time and life stages [26:24]
  • On suffering [31:07]
  • Short summary [34:07]
  • How does the practice of Uzazu looks and feels like, starting from the beginning of Dylan’s early career with dance and music [34:36]
  • Using space to understand vowel sounds (I highly recommend watching the video for this part) [52:25]
  • How can we use Uzazu to change people’s state, promote balance or transformation? [1:02:10]
  • Where to find Dylan [1:18:44]

Select Nuggets:

“ Life is a dynamic equilibrium with an emphasis on dynamic across time.” - Dylan

“You might need to zoom out a number of clicks on the google map before you see how it all balances out.” - Dylan

“When you're dealing with embodiment in its most suited forms, you’re invited to deal with suffering.” - Dylan

“I don’t think wisdom can happen without suffering.” - Dylan

“Wisdom is the flower that emerges from the manure of suffering.” - Dylan