Staying Human In The Face Of Complexity

In this episode of The Ecosomatics Podcast I talk with Chris Diehl, a technologist with a deep curiosity for how technology can help us stay true to our humanity in the face of global problems. 

We explore the interplay of traditional wisdom and modern science, embodiment practices for better communication, emergence in complex systems, and much more.  

It's a rich conversation that touches on the deep need for integration of mind & body, as well as people & nature.

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Show Notes:

  • What has been going on in Chris’ world? [1:02]

  • As someone with a wide range of interests, such as environmentalism, activism, technology, nuclear issues, and complexity, how does all of this tie together for Chris? [2:29]

  • Human-machine interaction for the sake of human communities and deep connection [6:39]

  • The distinction between ‘how’ and ‘why’ of traditional wisdoms and practices like Yoga, Tai-chi, Qi Gong, and the Somatic spaces in relation to modern science. [9:37]

  • Imagine there is no more forward progress technologically speaking, and we have to solve problems and challenges with the tools that we have: what would you do? [12:50]

  • The need for interpersonal connection within our communities and environment [14:02]

  • On designing communities and cities while keeping the complexities of our community and environment in mind [23:30]

  • Chris explains the illusion of control that technology and knowledge give us, especially technologists [29:08]

  • Chris explores the use of technology to help ourselves understand our world in a better way and to work with others to make positive change happen. [33:03]

  • Chandler’s take on how movement, embodiment, and awareness tie in together as a pathway to explore human relational capacity [38:19]

  • Does technology and our global communication systems allow us to have better relational capacity with ourselves, those around us, and our land or is it pulling us away? [47:30]

  • The exploration of privilege in relation to experiencing connections with ourselves and our environment [56:55]

Select Nuggets:

  • “It’s fascinating to me that, as we’re developing solutions in the world of technology, everything is additive. ‘Once we just get to this point over the hill, everything will be great; when we reach the singularity, it’ll be amazing’, as opposed to saying, ‘did we actually have the core ideas for thriving x number of years in the past, before all of these?’” - Chris

  • “People are getting aware of systems as a way of examining how things work… that seems to be how life and processes grapple with complexities.” - Chandler

  • “Similarly within movement, the constraints you place on the system will lead to entirely different organizational pathways” - Chandler

  • “The idea of privilege as the ability to choose when you’re uncomfortable and not having that imposed on you” - Chris


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