Finding Balance and Physical Autonomy with Ryan Hurst

In this episode I talk with Ryan Hurst, head coach and co-founder of GMB Fitness.  

We talk about physical autonomy, longevity & balance in your practice, and breaking away from the "checklist" mentality in movement.

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Show Notes:

  • Ryan talks about his gymnastics journey and his mentor [2:06]

  • How to start free-styling and get to the creative side of movement [7:08]

  • GMB Fitness’ starting journey and approach for its unique structure and experience [8:47]

  • Ryan’s approach to getting better at moving and learning a new skill [14:17]

  • A mindset shift for when you suck and dread going to practice [18:28]

  • There is context beyond just getting the trick and crushing the workout [23:27]

  • Ryan explains how his past injuries positively impacted his life and changed his relationship with his practices [28:00]

  • On movement and territorialism [35:17]

  • Ryan’s approach on having an open mind and always wanting to learn [37:48]

  • Cultural differences on movement practice [41:02]

  • The term ‘movement’ and what do you call yourself when asked “what do you do?” [46:45]

  • What is Ryan most excited about at this point, either in practice or in life? [50:26]

Select Nuggets:

  • “How many times do you need to do it? Well, until you can get it.” - Ryan

  • “You’ve got to build that foundation, you’ve got to take that ego and throw it aside, and you’ve got to say ‘where am I right now?’, you’ve got to assess what’s going on, really need to be truthful to yourself and say ‘am I ready to do that backflip?’, probably not if you can’t do a backward roll, and that’s okay.” - Ryan

  • “It nearly broke me when I got my handstand after all that time and I didn’t reach enlightenment.” - Chandler

  • “The only reason why we kinda have this movement culture happening is because of a lack of.’ - Ryan

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