Candid Thoughts On Trust The Flux

*This is a guest post from Stéphanie McGuirt.  Stéphanie is an entrepreneur who works with small businesses to tackle their bookkeeping headaches.  She shared a bit of her experience going through the Trust The Flux process.**

I will choose to approach things lightly and playfully... instead of with dread and seriousness, which are both so constraining. I will think clearer thoughts with less "what if" and more "what is".

I choose to make focus and clarify priorities. When I start to feel stressed or as if something is
ruined," I'll choose to take the heaviness away and see it for what it is... something to play with,
something to figure out, to learn from, and grow with.

You are not just your mind + your body. And, what is the “+”? What is that in between?

Where do the mind end and the body begin?

YOU are a mind, a body within an environment.

YOU are made up of trillions of cells and trillions of choices you’ve made throughout your life.

The choices you make every single day have a profound mpact on how you look, how you
feel, and your overall circumstances.

How do you want that to play out? YOU have a choice, always.

Do you have any idea where you’re going?

There have been times in my life where I’ve been out to merely survive. I did what was expected
of me and not much else. I ran myself into the ground and didn’t take enough time to think about
how I could be harming myself.

During these times, any goal that I had wasn’t my own, it was everyone else’s. I was blindly
running an exhausting race.

It wasn’t until I made the choice o stop listening to people’s advice, to stop meeting their
expectations, and to start taking risks and trusting in life, and what is, that I really felt like I was
starting to get to the right places.

Sometimes, all your aim has to be is tearing yourself away from what wasn’t working for you.

That set me on a very curious path. I finally got hungry for life, and life unfolded before me in the
most beautiful ways.

What do you need in order to thriv?

You’ve made a choice, you’ve set an aim.

Now, how do you set out to thrive very day?

First, go out in nature, watch the animals, the trees... anything that can’t speak to you in
words... Do you see that all of nature, every living organism is thriving?

So, why aren’t we?

Could it be... we are doing what “is” right and not what feels ight?

We thrive when we feel good about something, a choice we make.

We’re excited, we’re energized. Yet, why can’t it be that way for everything?

Every choice we make should align with our aim and should be exactly what we need, in that
moment, and in order to thrive

Get to know your “self”

Where are you going, where have you been?

Your “self” is a story. The one you tell and re-tell yourself about all the past interactions you’ve
with the world.

Look in the mirror and run a list off all the labels you associate with yourself.

Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Friend, < insert Job Title >, and so on.

Peel off every one of those layers. What lies beneath?

  • Mother = I’ve created a child. I nurture life.
  • Wife = I choose to share my life and everything I am with you.
  • Friend = We support and serve each other in exactly the ways we need.

Isn’t the story so much deeper and so much better when the labels are torn away?

You are what you decide to see.

At any time, you can choose to tell yourself a new story. Let your new story take you toward
everything you want to have.

Ego Death

You have the choice to transform, at any time.

Who you are now, and who you are becoming cannot exist in harmony.

These two distinct people engage and live in the world differently. They have different dreams,
goals, and perspectives.

You have the choice to have a different life.

Know what you are committed to, even if you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Keep
your aim in sight.

You have the choice to let fear and uncertainty guide you, and not cripple you.

What you’re committed to is your potential self, what you could e if you gave the utmost
importance to what you’re working on.

What’s the most important thing in the world to you right now?

You have the choice to make something the most important thing in the world to you... or not.

Give your goal everything you have and reach for the limits of what’s possible with yourself.

The limits will change as you do. Keep reaching. We don’t know how high and how far we can
actually go. There’s always more.