Here's why you need natural movement

I'm talking about natural movement separated from any particular brand or business.  Natural movement is simply what you do with yourself when you move outdoors, or in any sort of natural environment, when you:

  • Walk down a wooded trail.
  • Vault over fallen trees and through branches.
  • Climb through the trees.
  • Roll and tumble over the grass.
  • Be still and tune into what you see, smell, hear, and feel.

Natural movement gives you a visceral experience of engaging with the world.  It roots you firmly in the here and now by reconnecting you to the richness of sensation.  It gives you a feeling of connection.  When you're immersed in nature, blending with it through movement, it's hard to tell where you end and the world begins.

There's a broadening and a deepening of the Self.

You realize you're so much more than the little ego-identity you've built up for yourself.  You're inextricably linked to the whole of the ecosystem around you.  You're made of the same stuff as the trees you're climbing, the ground you run over, and the air you breathe.

You're a part of something bigger than yourself.  

You risk what you think you are for what you hope -- and believe -- you could be.

You expand yourself. 

You fully connect.  As you shape your environment, it shapes you.  Every breath you take weaves this world into your cellular structure.  Every step you take carves out a path.  Every movement alters the world around you and within you. 

You embrace the balance, vigor, grace, and fluidity that Homo sapiens is truly capable of. 

You anchor yourself more firmly in the world, and in so doing you reclaim your Self.

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Chandler StevensComment